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Life Skills for Confidence Online Course has been helping Teens gain insight into who they are, learn to be more engaged, and decrease stress as they choose to participate more in their life. 


We teach teenagers to live their best life now, so they can have a more meaning future.


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6 Steps to Help Your Teen Relieve Stress, do that here...

Radical Mindset Transformations

Confidence starts with mindset. Program your Mind and Say positive things out loud every day and give yourself positive suggestions only! Print these for your Teen and post them around your house...

Teen Empowerment

The confident person is capable of speaking their mind kindly and managing  a conversation with ease.  They understand Social Etiquette and the importance of taking care of their body.   

Move Towards What Matters

Practicing skills will make you feel and look more confident.  So you can better guide your own life and move toward what matters to you.  Living a meaningful and fulfilling life.  

What others think...

A Few Testimonials...

"Life Skills for Confidence has great information in their video modules to help teenagers develop skills to better their futures! Watching them has helped me to learn proper etiquette, self care including yoga, develop skills to make friends, and so much more! I love watching the videos being active with teenagers  because it makes it more relatable for viewers. Addie and Claudia make the videos very fun and interactive! I can’t wait for more videos!" ~Mackenzie



A Few Free Videos...

The Lifestyle modules are amazing. I walked through the entire thing with new insights. I love the way it is presented and aimed toward the teens. Loved how the teens are subjects and helpers. Great and inclusive in all aspects. . . loved it.


Teen Grandma

By taking Life Skills for Confidence course, I learned how to be confident in life and what confidence means. Also, I learned about how to interact with people and society and how to appreciate different cultures.  The online course was educational and easy to follow.  In the end, I see how every day I am  becoming more confident and more comfortable with interacting and meeting new people.



Free lesson 3.3

9 Tips to Be Popular

Focusing on how to make new friends while getting to know the friends you have better, will give  you the skills needed for long term relationships and friendships.

Free Lesson 1.5

Focus on your Future

Set positive targets to focus on and your mind will record them .  Redo any negative thoughts and make them into Positive Outcomes!

Meet Claudia

Claudia's Story

How did she go from teaching this course in person for 6 weeks 3 hours each Sat to online 24 lessons only 15 mins each?  Why did she pick the Roadrunner as our mascot?   


Insightful Teen Just

15 Minutes A Day

Enroll Now!

We give your teen concrete lessons and interactive practice in one place.


This Online Course is Easy to Buy and Watch!  


They Will Learn:

  • Why Choices Determine Your Success in Life
  • Why They Should Choose Self-Control
  • How to Communicate Effectively 
  • How to Visualize and Think Positive
  • Plus Manners and Etiquette 
  • Steps to Meet and Greet New People

Each one of those topics, plus so many more, are covered in this 6 week online program of lessons just 15 minutes a day for Life Skills for Confidence.


They Receive:

  • Certificate of Achievement  
  • Letter of Recommendation- showing their future employee or organization that they are a reliable and socially aware young person.



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$197/ One Time

100% Privacy.   Money Back Guarantee.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this course for any reason just have your Teen take the assessment at the end of the course and email it to us for a full refund.  We have seen amazing results and know your Teen will find wonderful nuggets of wisdom throughout each Module and Lesson. 


Claudia McBride

Founder and Author, Life Skills for Confidence

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Our mission is to develop a community where teenagers learn about themselves and their place in society, with an emphasis on maturity and increased confidence, as they embrace their unique personality and play it forward with personal goals to become the person they envision.

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